Why us?

We’re down-to-earth and friendly and we are experts at what we do!

What is corporate photography?

It’s the business of business photography.
Businesses require photography for public relations, communications and marketing. Examples are corporate profile images; photos for annual reports, for media releases and communication purposes; industrial, architectural and aerial photography; documentary and product photography.
We do it all and we love it!

Why ONLY corporate photography?

We believe in doing what we do best!
  • We enjoy the professionalism and the creative freedom of corporate photography.
  • We work with incredibly interesting people, photographing real professionals in real life situations.
  • We can photograph a high court judge the one moment and a drill operator the next!
  • Individually and as a team, we have extensive experience and we are a highly skilled combination.
  • We are a cut above the rest in Corporate Photography.
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Most recent work

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Mandela Statue

  • January 12th, 2015

The statue of Madiba looking out over Pretoria in […]


We’re in the business of business photography